Summer Bodies are Made in Winter

So, we are now four weeks into Dry January or ‘I hate my life January’ as many of our members are calling it. Though close to triumphing a month of detoxing, we still have a fair way to go until the summer. This week, our blog focuses on that overused cliché ‘summer bodies are built in winter’, sharing some tips on how you can get your body ready for beach season.


The key to fitness is frequency. Too often do we see people go on an intensive health kick then simply fall off the wagon. Putting pressure on your heart in particular, you should try and exercise at least once a week.

One of the biggest perks of attending the gym regularly is that you get to catch yourself and your progress in the mirror every now and then (don’t pretend you don’t).

Buddy up!  

Whether a friend or a family member, it can be useful to buddy up when trying to get fit for summer. It’s great for support when you are doing exercises such as weights, so having a buddy is always a good idea.

Put milestones in place  

Right, we have a good six months before the famous British Summer arrives and while it may only last for 24/48 hours, we must make the most of it. In order to stay on-plan throughout the next few months, we suggest putting meetable goals in place. Whether it be losing an inch from your waist, shedding a few pounds or toning up your glutes, small steps are the perfect way towards meeting those big goals.

Active Socialising  

While summer nights usually involve lots of drinks and chants such as ‘LADS, LADS, LADS’ etc., maybe quieten things down in the lead up to Summer. Whether it be fun hikes with mates or starting a running club, there are lots of ways you can stay fit and healthy and remain the fabulous social butterfly that you are.

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