Simply Gym Opening Flagship Gym in Cardiff Bay

On September 14th, we at Simply Gym cut the ribbon on our flagship gym in Cardiff Bay.

Adding to our 5 existing gyms in Llansamlet, Uxbridge, Southend, Cwmbran and Gorseinon, these are incredibly exciting times for the Simply Gym brand. Having

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What Makes Simply Gym Different?

In the UK, there are thousands of gyms to choose from, all promising the earth on a lycra platter.

As a result, it can be hard to decide which to become a member of. While we at Simply Gym do not like to blow our own trumpet, below are a few reasons

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HIITing The Gym: High-Intensity Interval Training Hacks

From celeb Instagram accounts and talks in the Love Island villa to posters at the gym, you will have seen HIIT workouts mentioned and endorsed pretty much everywhere.

Today, we at Simply Gym explore what HIIT is and ways in which you benefit from

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The World Cup Season is Finally Here!

With the World Cup kick-starting this week, many of us will have our social calendars planned around the games taking place over the course of the next month.

However, it’s important that you don’t swerve the gym for a pint every time a game is on

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Summer is Quickly Approaching!

Another month has passed and summer is quickly approaching! Are you beach body ready?


If your answer is something along the lines of ‘what beach body?’, or, ‘ I’ll try next year maybe…’, then you need to get yourself down to one of our fully

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A big well done and thank you

Hurrah! We’ve now completed our 100,000km in aid of the superb mental illness charity, MIND.


100,000km, what does it equate to?

  • 6213.7119224 miles
  • Two-and-a-half times around the world (the circumference of the Earth is
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Spring into Summer

May heralds the beginning of Spring with Summer rearing its head shortly in June. With that in mind, it may be time to get yourself to one of our gyms, helping you achieve the results you require.

Our classes are extremely varied and range from Arms

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Working out in Spring: Our Top Exercises

While the saying goes ‘summer bodies are made in winter’, as spring approaches, you may want to ramp things up a bit when it comes to exercises. Though not a general rule, we always think the more we workout now, the more we can eat and drink when

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Ten Tips for Finding the Energy to Workout

As we all know, when it comes to exercise, finding the motivation to get to the gym is the hardest part. From ‘I don’t want to sit in traffic’ to ‘the dog ate my homework’, we really will try and say anything to get out of working out. However, once

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The Simply Gym 100,000km Challenge in Aid of Mind

As you may have noticed on Facebook we have been asking the Simply Gym Community for suggestions of a fantastic charity to support. Initially, we had nearly 50 charities suggested to us. We whittled that down to the 5 most popular and put them to

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