Body-weight training — why it’s so popular, example exercises

Body Weight Training

Body-weight training is one of the most popular fitness trends in the U.K. but is it just a fad or is it here to stay?

We’ve spoken to our fitness gurus at Simply Gym Cwmbran to find out exactly why body-weight training is so popular and how it can benefit our readers.

Body-weight training is all about building up bodily strength through exercises that make use of an individual’s own weight to provide resistance.

Free weights and machines are not essential for body-weight training and so it can be done anywhere, at any time. This is one of the most awesome things about it and one of the biggest reason for its popularity.

One of the most common excuses for not exercising is a lack of time. “I just can’t fit it in”. “I travel for work and I am not at home enough to train”.

Body-weight training eliminates these excuses as all you need is your body (chances are you will have this with you…) and some space. You can train at home, in a hotel room, outside, on top of a mountain etc. Body-weight training is so convenient and easy to fit into your daily routine, it really is no wonder it has become so popular.

Another reason for body-weight training’s popularity is that anybody can do it. Whether you are a beginner or a regular gym goer, you can tailor-make a program to benefit you.

Each exercise can be modified by adding extra weight, changing the speed, shortening the breaks between exercises, increasing the repetitions and so on. Each time you reach a goal, you can modify your workout and strive for another. This variety also makes body-weight training pretty fun!

On top of all of this, body-weight training is proven to benefit your overall health. Each exercise utilizes different muscle groups, increases your heart rate and helps you to burn calories. In fact, body-weight training session can have a huge impact on your metabolism, even helping you to burn fat after a session.

It is also proven to result in a better night’s sleep and improve your bones, joints, heart and mood! Plus it can lead to better posture and balance, whilst lowering the risk of exercise-related injury.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that body-weight training should replace your current workout. Incorporating body-weight training into your regular fitness routine will strengthen your body and help you to lose weight too. If you use free weights and machines in your current workout then body-weight training will complement this perfectly.

Body-Weight Training Program

With body-weight training you can literally work any part of your body. A typical workout should work your abs, quads, glutes, triceps, biceps, back and chest.

Common exercises include press-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges and the plank.

It’s hard to specify an exact workout that will cater for everyone as the exercises you need to do, for how long and with which variations depends entirely on your current stage and progress.

We would be delighted to help you to build a tailored body-weight training program. Pop into our gym to speak to a professional.

Try to keep varying the exercises and challenging yourself by increasing the intensity of your workouts. We have designed our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes to build your strength at a high intensity, increasing the benefits of body-weight training.

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Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training

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