Building Your Summer Body: Tips from our Trainers

With summer slowly but surely approaching, you may well have experienced that overwhelming feeling to get your summer body in shape.

Being a time where we all release a grunt or two in the mirror, spring often gives us the kick up the you-know-what to start living a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

While easy to say and write on our to-do lists, actually meeting our goals and achieving those objectives is not easy. This is why today, we take some sound advice from our gym superheroes aka; Personal Trainers.

Shedding some light on how we can shed those pounds and tone up, below we share some handy tips and advice that could well give you the inspiration to get moving and become ‘summer-ready’.

Regularity is key

Where you may think a week-long juice diet or going on one of those posh health retreats is the answer, nothing beats good old-fashioned healthy eating and exercise. But the key is making it a regular part of your lifestyle, with regularity being paramount to building muscle and stripping fat. So, be consistent with your training and calorie intake and you will go far!

Keep reminding yourself of your goals

Whether it be a picture of the Hulk on your fridge or setting daily notes on your iPhone, reminding yourself of your summer-body goals never hurt. Keeping you focused on the task at hand, staying on-plan is about mental strength just as much as it is about how many weights you can lift or miles on the treadmill you can endure.

Focus on health rather than appearance

Too often can we scroll through Instagram and get body envy. But remember, filters are everywhere and your health kick really isn’t about anyone apart from you. It is important to focus on yourself and the health benefits to what you are doing. Where having a toned butt and slender arms is great, keeping your heart healthy and smile as wide as possible is just as if not more important.

Ask for help!

Partaking on a health journey can be lonely. With hunger and fatigue known for taking its toll, losing weight and gaining muscle in time for the summer is one hell of a task. This is why roping in the help of friends is always advisable. Whether it be asking them to attend a class with you or coming over for a cheeky veg-packed stir fry, the more people in your corner, the more likely you are to smash those summer body goals.

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Utilise our PT Programmes

If you really want to make drastic changes in time for summer, then the Personal Trainers here at Simply Gym are here to help. Creating programmes and regimes aligned to your goals and needs, they can act like that angel on your shoulder, guiding you to summer body perfection!

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