Top Cardio Workouts

Cardio is a style of workout that most of us dread. However, no form of workout boasts so many benefits.

From shredding fat and gaining muscle to encouraging a healthy heart, there is simply no way we can swerve cardiovascular workouts. This is why

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HIITing The Gym: High-Intensity Interval Training Hacks

From celeb Instagram accounts and talks in the Love Island villa to posters at the gym, you will have seen HIIT workouts mentioned and endorsed pretty much everywhere.

Today, we at Simply Gym explore what HIIT is and ways in which you benefit from

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Working out in Spring: Our Top Exercises

While the saying goes ‘summer bodies are made in winter’, as spring approaches, you may want to ramp things up a bit when it comes to exercises. Though not a general rule, we always think the more we workout now, the more we can eat and drink when

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Exercises That Are Good For The Heart

Valentine’s Day is upon us, so the hopeless romantics amongst us will be thinking of ways to exercise our cheesiness. From soppy love letters to reduced supermarket flowers, we all have our own way of playing the Lothario. At Simply Gym we will be

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Practical Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy This Xmas

Practical tips to stay fit and healthy this Xmas

We’ve seen the Coca Cola truck and the odd Christmas light do the rounds on Instagram this week, so it must mean one thing; holidays are coming! While the holidays are all about turkey, stuffing and

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Grueling Exercises That Make For Scarily Good Results

While many gyms resemble a graveyard in the months coming up to Christmas, we at Simply Gym are busy throughout October, especially with our recent Gym Wars! Celebrating Halloween this week, we thought we would put together some grueling exercises

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Our Top Hacks For A Post-Holiday Detox

Though the saying goes “summer bodies are made in the winter”, it can be hard to motivate ourselves during the lag time of autumn, getting our bodies back into shape after the hell we put them through on holiday this year. From pool-side pizza

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Body-weight training — why it’s so popular, example exercises

Body Weight Training

Body-weight training is one of the most popular fitness trends in the U.K. but is it just a fad or is it here to stay?

We’ve spoken to our fitness gurus at Simply Gym Cwmbran to find out exactly why body-weight training is so popular and how it

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Why you should still go to the gym this summer

Healthy Lifestyle
Have you stopped going to the gym now that it is summer?

It’s hot outside, the suns out, so why would you want to be stuck inside exercising in the gym?

Well, according to the fitness superstars at Simply Gym Cwmbran it is very important not to

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The Importance of a Personal Exercise Programme

Admittedly the weather hasn’t quite arrived yet, but summer is here! Many people will be looking forward to adventures in the sun and holidays abroad, thinking about shorts, sun dresses and which swimsuit to wear.

For some, the anticipation of

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