Building Your Summer Body: Tips from our Trainers

With summer slowly but surely approaching, you may well have experienced that overwhelming feeling to get your summer body in shape.

Being a time where we all release a grunt or two in the mirror, spring often gives us the kick up the you-know-what

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The Benefits of Group Exercising

The gym can be a lonely place, especially if you are struggling to muster up the enthusiasm to ‘go hard’.

This is why at Simply Gym, we work our ‘you-know-whats’ off to keep our members happy, content and on the right path to reaching their

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How to Become a Fitter, Better You in 2019

January is usually a month of promises. From instructing yourself to lose those extra festive pounds to making a pledge to be more productive at work, the pressure to be perfect can often take its toll.

Well, here at Simply Gym, we are doers,

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The 12 Workouts of Christmas

Christmas is a time for dodgy festive jumpers, mince pies by the bucketload and Baileys. For this reason, the festive period can be hazardous to our waistlines.

However, at Simply Gym, we are making it our business to keep you on the straight and

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Top Tips for Toning

When joining a gym or starting out on a new killer exercise plan, you will no doubt have a few goals in mind.

Where some will want to resemble The Hulk and others to live a healthier lifestyle; one common goal is toning up. Losing fat and giving

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Simply Gym Uxbridge Gets a Makeover

Here at Simply Gym, we are thrilled to announce that we have given our Uxbridge gym a fabulous makeover, enjoying the addition of some fantastic equipment.

Allowing us to cater to all types of trainers with all types of goals, this spruce-up is

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Summer Bodies Are Made in Winter: How to Kickstart Your Training

With the cold, winter nights drawing in and adverts for Christmas (yes Christmas!) popping up on the tele, it can be easy to sack off the gym in exchange for a night of naughty carbs and treats.

While the idea of a cosy night in as the rain taps the

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Simply Gym Opening Flagship Gym in Cardiff Bay

On September 14th, we at Simply Gym cut the ribbon on our flagship gym in Cardiff Bay.

Adding to our 5 existing gyms in Llansamlet, Uxbridge, Southend, Cwmbran and Gorseinon, these are incredibly exciting times for the Simply Gym brand. Having

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What Makes Simply Gym Different?

In the UK, there are thousands of gyms to choose from, all promising the earth on a lycra platter.

As a result, it can be hard to decide which to become a member of. While we at Simply Gym do not like to blow our own trumpet, below are a few reasons

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HIITing The Gym: High-Intensity Interval Training Hacks

From celeb Instagram accounts and talks in the Love Island villa to posters at the gym, you will have seen HIIT workouts mentioned and endorsed pretty much everywhere.

Today, we at Simply Gym explore what HIIT is and ways in which you benefit from

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The Simply Gym Difference

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