HIITing The Gym: High-Intensity Interval Training Hacks

From celeb Instagram accounts and talks in the Love Island villa to posters at the gym, you will have seen HIIT workouts mentioned and endorsed pretty much everywhere.

Today, we at Simply Gym explore what HIIT is and ways in which you benefit from

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Our Top Hacks For A Post-Holiday Detox

Though the saying goes “summer bodies are made in the winter”, it can be hard to motivate ourselves during the lag time of autumn, getting our bodies back into shape after the hell we put them through on holiday this year. From pool-side pizza

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Summer bodies are made in Spring

With Summer fast approaching we are seeing many of our members turn up the heat, wanting to revise their diet and exercise plans in order to reach their summer bod goals. Though we don’t advise any quick-fix methods, there are some tweaks you

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Can Eating Breakfast Help Me To Lose Weight?

Research tells us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it breaks the fasting period we undergo during sleep. A nutritious breakfast can replenish your supply of glucose which boosts energy levels and metabolism.

But how important

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Top tips to maintain the January health buzz

With the world entering a state of fitness frenzy in January, many can find it difficult to maintain that buzz past the month, undoing all their hard work as February unfolds. Here at Simply Gym, we see it as our duty to help our members stay

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Losing Fat

I can’t get rid of the pocket of fat below my belly button no matter how much I train. What am I doing wrong?

If you are carrying extra weight it will sit around your waist and stomach and mask the muscles underneath. So think about adjusting your

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Maintaining your Beach Body!

When I come back from holiday I am lean and muscled because I walk everywhere – often with a backpack.  How can I maintain the look while back ‘in the real world’?

It is interesting how a complete change in your daily routine – even if it

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Feeling self-conscious

Many people worry about exercising in front of others and I think it is the responsibility of gym staff to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable when working out.

We all have our own capabilities and fitness goals and the only person you

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Parents VS Teenager Fitness

This is a situation many parents will recognise and it can be tricky to negotiate.

You are right to approach this with caution, but if you can help her think positively about fitness now, when she is young, you will be giving her a gift that should

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Post Baby Exercise

It is easy to forget mum when a baby comes along and steals all the attention! But the happier and healthier a mother is, the happier the whole family will be.

Take things slowly and be subtle. Why not make a regular date to go out together for a

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