Christmas Treat Alternatives: Our Protein Picks

Whether you are a festive fanatic or a bah-humbug, you will no doubt go Christmas crackers on the food and drink this year. Though a time where we are all supposed to ‘let loose’, many of us will want to try and keep our weight down, not going overboard on the cheeseboard.


Understanding this can be difficult (especially with Marks and Spencers trying to seduce us every time we turn on the TV), we at Simply Gym thought we would put together some Christmas food alternatives; ones that will not undo all your gym efforts. So here goes…


Go nuts  


Everyone knows that Christmas is all about picking. With a Mum’s obsession with keeping the crisp bowl replenished it may be a good idea to get some nuts in; a picky option that is good for you.


Let’s get fruity!  


Where many of us will shove a pie down us in times of peckishness, this can be detrimental to the health targets we are heading towards. In our experience, stocking up on nice fruit over Christmas can help fill you up at times of hunger without taking you off-plan. One of our favourites is the clementine; being a great source of vitamin C with over 60% of your recommended intake in just 100g.  


Bench the Baileys  


Being healthy is one thing, but missing out on the merry moments just isn’t cool. This is why we encourage our members to enjoy Christmas; just in moderation. By putting some thought into the type of tipple you are tippling, you can get a bit squiffy without consuming enough calories for the whole village. We suggest staying clear of cream-based drinks such as Baileys and Eggnog; being high in fat.  


Protein shakes  


If you are hell bent on keeping your protein intake up and your Christmas jumper size down, then there are plenty of ways to inject a bit of Christmas cheer into your usual routine (and this doesn’t mean working out dressed as an Elf).    

Candy Gainz Protein Shake 


Bringing back nostalgic memories from our childhood; the Candy Gainz protein shake is just the thing for Gym Bods looking to stay healthy this December. Helping you build muscle, you will be ripping those presents open like some sort of festive Hulk maniac!   


To make the shake you will need the following:  


1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (or skim milk) 

1 scoop of Vanilla protein 

3-5 drops of peppermint extract  

ice cubes (use your own recipe)


Add all the ingredients together, pour into a glass and stir with a candy cane (if you have one that is). 


So, there you have it; our health hacks to keep you fabulous this Christmas!  

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