Exercise VS Busy Life

You aren’t alone in this problem. One of the biggest obstacles to exercise for many people is time. But if you are able to set aside three lunch breaks a week for vigorous, disciplined exercise you will be well on the way to fitness. 

Since your time is limited it is very to important to get the most out of that brief time window, so joining a high intensity class is ideal since you will be encouraged to keep up the pace for the full session.

I would strongly recommend joining in the Synergy sessions we run, they are a really high energy class which impacts the body using HIIT (high intensity interval training).  These sessions are a great use of limited time since they are functional workouts, using the whole body. And because the sessions feature interval training – 30 seconds working then 15 seconds resting – your body will be burning calories for the rest of the day thanks to the afterburn effect. 

More importantly, even reluctant exercisers seem to find these classes easy to stick to, because they are fun, every class is different and they are suitable for people of all abilities. Why not get in touch with us and book your slot?

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