Exercises That Are Good For The Heart

Valentine’s Day is upon us, so the hopeless romantics amongst us will be thinking of ways to exercise our cheesiness. From soppy love letters to reduced supermarket flowers, we all have our own way of playing the Lothario. At Simply Gym we will be celebrating V Day in the same way we celebrate any other day; with badass workouts! So, if you are single this Valentine’s Day or fancy doing something active with your significant other, make use of the below exercises; all of which are good for heart (awwwwwwww). 


I lunge you  


Lunges are a great exercise, especially if you do them in pairs. Heading to the gym with your loved one this Valentine’s? If so, then alternating leg lunges whilst gazing into each other’s eyes could be an option. It won’t look weird at all, we promise! 


Are your gym trainers worn, because you’ve been running through my mind all day!  


Embarrassing pick-up lines aside, when it comes to the heart, nothing serves the body better than cardiovascular exercise; especially sprints. We do however advise that you conduct sprints in intervals, with interval training being unmatched for preventing heart disease and diabetes, losing weight, and efficiently improving fitness.  


Pumping the love   


Weight-training is also very good for the heart. By increasing your heart rate during reps and recovering between sets, weights can really put your body to the test, allowing you to build the best version of yourself you possibly can.  




You know what it is like when you meet that special someone, your stomach turns, your heads spins; oh no, that’s spin class! As a fun class to attend with a partner, our new spin studios in Uxbridge and Llansamlet could make for the perfect Valentine’s Day setting…


The Patrick Swayze lift  


Don’t fancy hitting the gym this Valentine’s Day? Well, there is no need to worry, there are plenty of romantic gestures you can make whilst working out. From conducting the classic Dirty Dancing lift with your partner to romantic walks on the beach; you don’t have to stuff chocolate and drink prosecco through the eyeball to have a successful Valentine’s Day.  


How will you be spending this Valentine’s day?

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