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How do I join the Gym?

Joining up is a simple online process and can be completed in under 5 minutes, simply click on the JOIN button in the top menu bar and complete the form.

You can also join up in one of the clubs by using the kiosks located at the entrance or call us on 01895 236 518 and we’ll be able to sign you up over the phone.

Yes, one of our staff can give you a tour of the facilities, you can request a tour by emailing the club (email addresses can be found on our CONTACT page), or you can call us on 01895 238 518 and request an appointment.

Yes you can purchase a day pass for £7 which will let you use all the facilities for one day, day passes are only valid during staffed hours and can be purchased from the Gym, just ring the doorbell when you arrive and one of our staff will assist you.

The minimum age for membership is 16.

Yes we do, you will need to bring a valid student card to the club to sign up. For further information please contact the club you are interested in joining by using the email details on the CONTACT page, or by calling us on 01895 236 518

Yes we do, if you are a member of the fire brigade, police, armed services, NHS and a variety of other organisations you may be entitled to a discount membership, please CONTACT the gym via email or call us on 01895 236 518 for more information.

Yes we do, we have deals in place with various companies, for more information please contact the club using the email details on the CONTACT page, or by calling us on 01895 236 518

No, we do not accept cash payments, all memberships are billed via direct debit.

At this time we are only able to accept direct debits from UK bank accounts.

We offer a variety of membership options, you can choose to be on a rolling monthly membership meaning you are not contractually obligated to remain a member with us for an extended period of time.

You will receive two emails from us:

The first one will be from the email address newmember@snappdda.co.uk and contains confirmation of your direct debit and details of the payments that you have committed to.

The second one will be from the email address noreply@fisikal.com and contains your login details and the Terms of Use and the Rules of the Gym. To gain access to the Gym, use the login details to login to the members area of our Website or App, you will be prompted to accept the health and safety terms of the Gym, once you've completed these steps you'll be shown your 8 digit PIN number that you will use the access the Gym. If you are a member at Uxbridge we use fingerprint scanners to access the Gym. To gain access to Uxbridge use your PIN to enrol your fingerprint at the kiosks near the entrance of the Gym.

The welcome email which contains your login details is sent automatically and you should receive it within a few minutes of completing the sign up form. It comes from the email address noreply@fisikal.com, depending on your email provider this may have been moved to your junk mail box. If you still haven’t received the welcome email please contact your club using the email address on the CONTACT page, or call us on 01895 236 518

An induction is an introduction the Gym, if you are over 18 you are not required to have one. If you’d like an induction we’ll show you around the facilities, explain the various equipment and how to use it and answer any questions you have. If you’d like we are able to offer some advice on how to best go about achieving your goals.

Yes the gyms are open 24/7, on occasion we may need to close the gym for required maintenance or due to unexpected issues arising but we make as much effort as possible to keep this to a minimum.

Yes we do, day passes are available to purchase for £7 at the Gym, they are only valid on the day of purchase and only during staffed hours. Please ring the bell at the entrance to the Gym and a member of staff will assist you.

At Uxbridge we use biometrics (fingerprint scanners).

To enrol your fingerprint use the kiosk beside the entrance:

- Click on the ENROL button on the kiosk screen.
- Enter your PIN number and you will be prompted to register you fingerprint. You'll be asked to scan your fingerprint on the scanner beside the kiosk. You can use any finger but you need to scan the same finger twice.
- Once your fingerprint is enrolled to enter the gym first activate the scanner next to the access pod by tapping the button(blue circle on the scanner next to the access pod) this will activate it by lighting up the scanning pad.
- Then place your finger lightly on the pad and wait until the button turns green.

The process is the same to exit.

Staff are on site until mid evening during the week and until early evening on the weekends. During unstaffed hours the Gym is monitored by CCTV.

Staffed hours are:

Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm

Peak access is for 24 hours a day

Off Peak access allows you to use the gym within the following hours: Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4pm and 24 hours on weekends.

Monday to Thursday from 6am to 10pm
Friday from 6am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 8pm

Yes classes are free to attend for members, the easiest way to book your place is using our app available on the app store. You can also book from the members area of our website or call your club on 01895 236 518 to reserve your place. Class bookings open 36 hours before the start of the class.

You can book classes through the members area of the website or through the app. Open the timetable, select the class you would like to attend and click on the book button. You will recieve an email comfirmation of your booking. Class bookings open 36 hours before the start of the class.

Yes we offer free parking for two hours to our members.

Parking is in the Intu(Chimes) centre car park just up the high street, please just bring your ticket into the gym and validate it using the ticket validator when you leave. Ticket validation is for a maximum of two hours, once you have validated your ticket you have 15 minutes to exit the parking lot.

There are red emergency release levers inside the pods, just pull down the lever to release the door.

During staffed hours please approach a member of staff who will be able to assist you, during unstaffed hours there are emergency contact intercoms(small red boxes) around the gym.

The safety of our members is paramount, the Gym is covered by CCTV and is monitored constantly out of staffed hours, there are also emergency contact intercoms around the gym. If you have any concerns please raise them with the Gym managment or email us at uxbridge@simplygym.net

Yes, the Gyms do have disabled access, to find out more please contact the manager of the Gym via email at uxbridge@simplgym.net or call us on 01895 236 518 for more information.

Yes, we employ Personal Trainers that are onsite and there are also freelance affiliate Personal Trainers at the Gym.

You can also purchase personal training credits through the members area of our website or through our app.
Some of our personal trainers work on a freelance basis and you can find their profiles and contact info on the personal trainers board in the Gym. Also please feel free to approach them on the Gym floor.

Free wifi is available for all members, the network name is Simply_Member_Wifi. Certain areas of the gym including the changerooms and studios may not be fully covered by the wifi signal.

No, as per the terms of the gym you are required to bring a small towel to wipe down the equipment after you use it as a courtesy to the other members.

Your PIN number can be found by logging in to the website and clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen and then clicking on settings, your PIN will be shown under my club. You are also able to find your PIN by logging into the app and tapping the barcode icon in the top right of the screen

Click on member login and then on forgot password and enter the email address you joined with and you will be sent a link to reset your password, you can also do this using the app.

To login to the app use the same username and password that you use to login to the website, these were sent to you in the welcome email.

If you are on a monthly rolling membership you only need to give us 30 days notice to cancel your membership.

If you are on a 12 month or annual contract you need to complete the term of your contract before you are able to cancel.

In certain circumstances you are able to cancel prior to completing your contract, these include medical reasons and others. Please check the TERMS & CONDITIONS for more information.

To cancel your membership please contact Harlands on 0144 444 9156 and press option 1

If your PIN doesn’t work please make sure that you are trying to access the gym during the hours your membership allows for, if it still does not work please contact the club using the email details on our CONTACT page, or call the club on 01895 236 518. You can also come to the club and ring the doorbell during our staffed hours and one of our staff will be able to assist you.

No, you may not share your PIN with anybody else. Each PIN number may only be used by the member that it is assigned to. For the safety of all members all access points are monitored by CCTV and any member found to have shared their PIN will immediately have their membership cancelled and their access revoked.

Guests may purchase a Day Pass at the gym for £7, access is only during staffed hours.

Yes you can freeze your membership, this is for a minimum of one month, your membership will be frozen from the date of your next payment, please make sure your freeze request reaches us at least 14 days before your next payment to provide adequate time to process it. You can request to freeze your membership Harlands on 0144 444 9156 press option 1

To freeze your membership costs £5/month.

When you freeze your membership you can also choose to set a date to unfreeze it, otherwise please contact Harlands on 0144 444 9156 press option 1

Yes you can upgrade your membership but only from the start of your following month, to request an upgrade please contact Harlands on 0144 444 9156 and press option 1. We require up to 14 days notice to process your upgrade.

When you join your first payment and joining fee will be processed immediately. Your monthly membership amount will then be processed on the same date in the next month and each month subsequent to that.

Yes you can, we will change your direct debit date as per your request and your next payment will be calculated on a pro rata basis. Please contact Harlands on 0144 444 9156 and press option 1. We require up to 14 days notice to process any changes.

Please contact our billing company Harlands on 0144 444 9156 press option 6

All billing enquiries should be directed to our billing company Harlands on 0144 444 9156 press option 1

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