Getting Back into the Habit of Exercise

When you’re not in the office, school or in college, most of us spend the summer holidays down the beach, around the pool or exploring a new city.

When the holiday’s end and work resumes, getting back into the habit of exercising can be tricky, especially if it’s been weeks since you’ve last worked up a sweat. At Simply Gym, we understand this can be an issue for many people, which is why we try and make your visit as simple and comfortable as possible.

To ease yourself in, be sure to make use of the free personal training session which comes included with your membership* to define your personal goals and work out which routines would be best to get you back into the habit of exercise.

We’ve also come up with a few tips to help ease yourself back into your exercise regime:

Prepare the Night Before

Preparing your clothes and gym bag the night before creates fewer obstacles in the morning making getting out of bed and to the gym a little bit easier. No one wants to be packing bags at 5:30 am!

Set an Alarm or Reminder

With alarm and reminder apps built into our phones, it couldn’t be easier to set one to stop you from forgetting to hit 6:30 am spin or 7 pm yoga class!

Don’t Push Yourself too Hard, too Soon

It’s normal to be full of energy and motivation when starting a new exercise routine, however, many people usually push themselves too hard, too fast. This then leads to feeling burnt out and fatigued, making just the thought of the next workout 10x harder. Make sure to pace yourself and set yourself reachable targets.

Book Yourself into a Class

By booking yourself into a class, you’re helping to remove that ‘I can always go tomorrow’ feeling. Our memberships come with all classes included, so whether you’re feeling a Synrgy Cardio class or Les Mills Body Pump, there is something for everyone, no matter your level of fitness.

Mix Up the Routine

There are multiple reasons why mixing up the routine can help you achieve your goals and avoid getting bored. Mixing up exercises each day fights boredom and helps to target different muscles. Doing this gives the body a full workout rather than focusing on one area.

All memberships come with classes included too, so you can book yourself on to anything from Les Mills Body Pump to Bootcamp using the Membr app.

*Free personal training session included on all 6 & 12-month memberships.

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