High-Protein Beer — Gym Lovers Rejoice or is it just another health fad?

An online supplement shop has created a high-protein packed beer, designed specifically for gym lovers!

Barbell Brew is said to contain as much as 21.8g of protein per serving, that’s the equivalent of a sirloin steak. But should you go packing this high-protein beer into your diet? We spoke to our fitness gurus at Simply Gym Cwmbran to find out!

High-Protein Beer — Gym Lovers Rejoice or is it just another health fad?

This is certainly an interesting concept and it could be a great way to add protein into your diet. Apparently it also contains less calories than other beers. A 330ml bottle of beer has an average of 144 calories, whereas this high-protein beer has only 92.4 calories.

According to the company, the beer is set to “give a whole new meaning to the term ‘beer belly’ as rock hard abs will be easier than ever to get.” As with so many other products in the health-food industry, the benefits of this beer are likely overstated.

Yes it is high on protein but if you go having several a night that will not do you any good. Apart from the fact that you are increasing your alcohol intake, you are also consuming 92.4 calories per bottle. If you were to have four one night, that is still 369.6 calories.

If you replace your current habits with drinking more beer, no matter the amount of protein in a bottle you are not going to be better off for it! However, If you like to have a beer every now and again, this high-protein beer could be a great alternative to your usual tipple – cut down your calories and consume a whopping 21.8g of protein whilst you are at it.

We would suggest taking health-food claims and studies with a pinch of salt. For example, one of the various health claims around red wine is that it can help you fight cancer. A chemical present in the skin of the grapes used to make wine, called Resveratrol, is said to have cancer fighting antioxidant properties. However, to gain any sort of benefit you would need to consume at least 500mg of Resveratrol. To consume 500mg of Resveratrol from drinking red wine you would need to drink about 40 litres in one sitting…

As with high-protein beer, there is no harm in adding health-foods to your diet. Replacing regular cooking oil with coconut cooking oil, normal chocolate with high-protein chocolate or buying free range grass-fed meat next time you go shopping, will only help.

The key is to achieve a balance in your diet. Eat better food, eat in moderation, train hard and sleep well. Balance is key to a healthy lifestyle, not consuming as much health foods as possible.

Upon joining Simply Gym Cwmbran, as part of your welcome we will advise you on sensible eating, as well as a sensible exercise programme. This can help you to achieve that balance, significantly improving your results and the speed in which you achieve them.

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