How to Become a Fitter, Better You in 2019

January is usually a month of promises. From instructing yourself to lose those extra festive pounds to making a pledge to be more productive at work, the pressure to be perfect can often take its toll.

Well, here at Simply Gym, we are doers, helping our members become better versions of their already-incredible selves this year. So, if you are giving yourself a hard time and want to get your butt moving, below are a few tips on how to become a fitter, better you in 2019.

Set meetable goals

Whether you want to take on the world, become the next President of the United States or just sculpt those abs, you will need to put meetable goals in place. As the annoyingly-correct saying goes, ‘nothing worth having comes easy’. So, understand that to reach your goals, you will need to be patient and work hard.

Putting small, meetable goals in place will help you get there in stages without feeling too pressurised.

Devise a new regime

New year = new workout regime.

Giving your workout a fresh feel will do wonders for keeping those motivation levels up!

This is something we are focused on throughout January, with our Personal Trainers working hard to create new, bespoke programmes for our new and existing members.

Attend the best classes around!

Finding it hard to conjure up the motivation to workout? If so, then you may want to look into exercise classes, joining in with others who are also on the mission for fitness. At Simply Gym, we are offering all sorts of classes for all sorts of gym goers. These range from Spyn and Fat Blast to Booty Builder and Synrgy Max, meaning we have something for everyone!

Witness the fitness!

As human beings we can be rather critical of ourselves. But, it is so important to reward ourselves when we have reached a new goal or simply put the effort in. So, if you have noticed you are doing well with your plan, be sure to celebrate it! Whether that be in the form of a cheeky cheat day or those new shoes you have been fangirling over, rewards are so very important.

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