How to use the Gym – New Procedures

Your Safety is Our Priority.

New procedures have been implemented based on our 4 safety pillars: 

  • social distancing
  • cleanliness and disinfecting
  • capacity management
  • professional and trained staff.

There will be a few changes to how you use the gym so please familiarise yourself with the procedures below:

Gym sessions will need to be booked and booking times adhered to: 

  • You can book your gym session using the Simply Gym app. 
  • Bookings open 48 hours before the session starts. 
  • Gym sessions are booked for 1 hour but members will be allowed to stay in club for up to an hour and a half.
  • Please limit yourself to booking only one session per day. 

Our Opening times will be:

Clubs in England

  • 24/7 Monday to Friday
  • 24/7 Weekends

Clubs in Wales

  • 5:30am – 10pm  –  Monday to Friday
  • 6:30am – 8pm  –  Weekends

Social Distancing: 

  • 2m social distancing must be maintained at all times.
  • We’ll be using a one way entry and exit system, please follow the markings on the floor.
  • Equipment and exercise locations will be clearly marked, please only use equipment marked in use and do not move equipment around the gym. 
  • Group exercise classes will be taking place with reduced capacity, please book your class space as usual.

Cleanliness and Disinfecting: 

  • The Simply Gym team will be following a strict cleaning regime including fogging the gym with disinfectant every night.
  • Cleaning stations will be provided throughout the gym and members are required to clean their equipment before and after use with the cleaning products provided. (If you want further info on the cleaning products we use please ask)
  • Please wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Please wear clean gym clothes for every visit and do not bring a sweat towel
  • Showers and changing rooms are available but we would encourage all members to limit their use of them at this time.
  • Our staff will wear face masks while in the gym.
  • We ask members to please wear face coverings while entering and exiting the gym, you do not need to wear a face covering while exercising.

Professional and trained Staff: 

  • As always you can expect the highest standards of professionalism from the Simply Gym team. We’re here to help and support you so please let us know if you need any help.

We’ll clearly display our safety steps in club, click here to view them.

We’ve answered some of the common questions on our Members FAQ (click here to read them), and if you have any other questions or need any support please contact us here

Download the ‘Simply Gym App’