Is Clean Eating Achievable?

What is clean eating and is it achievable for a ‘normal’ person with a busy lifestyle?

Clean eating has become a bit of a buzz phrase but it isn’t faddish – it is basically just sensible, healthy eating which is achievable for most people with a bit of planning and commitment.

It has its roots in the natural health food movement of the 1960s, but don’t worry, it isn’t all about stodgy brown rice and sprouted seeds.

The basic principles of clean eating include opting for whole, unprocessed foods, including some protein with every meal as well as some healthy fat and simple carbohydrate.

Dropping your salt and sugar intake is important too (that will happen naturally if you shun processed foods), eat a minimum of 3 healthy meals with small snacks inbetween a day to keep your energy levels stable, and drop sugary drinks and alcohol in favour of water, unsweetened tea or black coffee. Add some regular exercise into the programme and you will reap some real rewards.

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