LFconnect. Things just got personal.

What is it?

LFconnect is a free app that allows you to:

    • Workout your way. Create your own workouts for Life Fitness equipment.
    • Track your workout results to meet your fitness goals.
    • Track your cardio and strength workouts with your mobile device

What does it do?

LFconnect interacts with your mobile device and compatible Life Fitness equipment. The system allows you to exercise using your own personalised workout. LFconnect motivates you and charts your progress on the fitness equipment display screen as well as your mobile. 

Achieve Your Goals

Set your own goals and burn away the calories.  LFconnect uses a calorie meter – watch it fill up as your approach your goal. A great source of encouragement to keep you going if you start to feel tired.

The Great Outdoors

Start your progress chart on your way to Simply Gym Gorseinon. The GPS on your mobile device means that you can track your outdoor activity whether it’s a walk, run or bike ride.

No internet connection?

No problem. LFconnect allows you to enter your achievements manually.  That way you don’t lose the results you worked so hard to accomplish.

Chart your Success

The LFconnect app will automatically link to  You will be able to see your progress in an easy to read chart, the calories you’ve burned, distances you’ve run and more after your personalised workout.

What are you waiting for?

It’s free. It’s a personal trainer in your phone. It’s your workout.

Do exercise your way, see your results at the touch of a button and more importantly get the most from your time in the gym with our Life Fitness machines and this highly effective system.

Download the app now and start your personalised workout sessions.

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Download the ‘Simply Gym App’