Equipment & Facilities

With free a huge weights area, tons of functional fitness spaces, state-of-the-art digital cardio machines and free group exercise classes – we’ve got everything you need to get results.

Simply Gym Equipment & Facilities - Offers


Build strength in our huge free weights area
With everything from from Hammer Strength lifting platforms and plate-loaded equipment to squat racks and dumbbells, we’ve got the equipment you need to gain muscle in a safe and efficient way.

Get your pulse racing with our cardio equipment
We’ve got state-of-the-art Life Fitness web-enabled digital cardio equipment and both pin-loaded and cable machines that will keep your workouts varied and your stamina rising.

Try something different in our functional fitness areas
From a Synrgy360 rig and TRX to ski ergs and SPARC training equipment – we’ve got what you need for a high intensity, low impact workout that torches fat, builds muscle and improves power.

Stay on track!
We know you come here for results, and our Tanita body composition monitors will help you monitor your progress and hit your fitness goals.

Simply Gym Equipment & Facilities - Offers


Functional workout areas
The ultimate place to try something new and test your strength, stamina and fitness.

Free parking
That’s one less excuse not to make it the gym!

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