Why Personal Training Programmes are Important

No matter the size of your fitness goals you will need to stick to your routines, remain motivated, avoid injury and carry out the correct exercises in order to succeed. So how can you ensure that you stay on track this summer?

According to our fitness gurus at Simply Gym Cwmbran, the answer to achieving your summer fitness goals could lie with a personal trainer…

Personal trainers are not exclusive to serious athletes or competitors, everyone can benefit from working with them.
A personal trainer will motivate and support you, help to limit injuries and encourage you to achieve your goals through a training programme that is tailored to you. It really is an investment in your health and fitness.

Motivation & Support

Perhaps the biggest challenge people face when working towards their summer fitness goals is staying motivated.

If the sun is shining it can be more tempting to go out with your friends, the European Championships are on, the snooze button is right there… it becomes all too easy to skip a session.

However, if you miss an appointment with your personal trainer you’ll get phone calls chasing you, you’ll probably have to pay for the session too. You are more likely to show up if someone is expecting you to.

A personal trainer will help you stay more motivated during your sessions too, as human beings are tuned to push themselves harder if they know that someone is watching them. Whilst training with a friend could carry a similar affect, you won’t want to skip a rep whilst a personal trainer is watching!

A trainer will always be there for you, even if you are feeling low and are lacking belief. All the matters is your success. They will provide consistent feedback and unconditional support

Preventing Injury

Even if you remain fully motivated throughout the summer you could face other hurdles such as injury.

If your grip is slightly wrong, your back isn’t positioned correctly or your feet are too far apart you will leave yourself open to injury whilst training. A personal trainer will check your form and ensure that you are carrying out exercises correctly, meaning that you will be less susceptible to potential injuries.

The work that you do with your trainer will also help you to prevent injuries that you could pick up in everyday life.

Personal Programme

One of the most important things a personal trainer will do is help you to develop a plan that is tailored to you and your goals.

A personal trainer will consider factors such as your body size, lifestyle and medical history and combine these with your unique goals to create a program that is both realistic and achievable.

They will show you which exercises you should be doing and what you should be eating. To this end, people looking to put on muscle will need a completely different plan from those looking to lose weight.

Having a personal program in place will dramatically increase your chances of achieving your goals.

Working with a trainer will allow you to achieve the results that you are looking for this summer, in the timescales your desire.

To help you achieve your fitness goals this summer, Simply Gym are offering a free Personal Training session and personal programme to everyone who joins.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

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