Personal Training – Why?

Even the most dedicated of gym bunnies lack enthusiasm or reaches a plateau at one time or another. That’s where personal training comes in to its own. You might be a complete newbie to the fitness world or someone who goes to the gym or works out religiously – whoever you are, you can and will benefit from the knowledge and support of a personal trainer.

Let’s start with the Newbie…

You might join your local gym or start your own fitness regime (great effort, you’re on your way!), but where do you start?

What do I do?  When do I do it?  How many reps?  What’s a rep?!

You might get yourself into your own fitness routine – in the gym, fitness classes or at home and find that after the initial inevitable changes occur in your body – you start to realise that nothing’s happening that quickly anymore.

Your enthusiasm may wane and your overall motivation may disappear entirely.  This often happens and it’s such a shame after all the hard work you’ve put in.

This is where a PT can come in and turn your life around.

Next, the Seasoned Gym Bunny…

You’re no stranger to working out, and you know what it takes to reach your goals – but suddenly, you start to realise that despite your mammoth workouts or carefully planned sets; things have started to remain the same.  You’re not seeing the constant improvements you once did.  You need a boost.

Enter the personal trainer.

Why would I use a personal trainer?  Can’t I just look up this information online?

Yes, of course you could.  But, here’s the BUT…

The list of Pros from using a PT is pretty extensive, you’ll get information you just wouldn’t think of looking up online.

  • Instruction tailored to YOU – everyone is different and so what works for one person may not work for another. A personal trainer will set you tailored workouts with personalised goals that will get you where you want to go in a realistic timeframe
  • Let’s get consistent – one of the biggest problems people have is finding it difficult to stick to their programme. A PT will schedule regular appointments with you that you’re less likely to break than if you just set your alarm for 6.45am to go to the gym (we all know that ‘snooze’ button is just a tap away!). You’ll find your routine and soon be on your way to smashing your targets and your desired body
  • Safety – you could do more harm than good if you don’t know how to do exercises or lift weights correctly.  A PT will ensure you learn the correct techniques, so that you do not injure yourself and so you get the most from your workout – after all, you don’t want to be wasting your time with exercises that are doing little or nothing for you and potentially causing damage.
  • Boost your confidence – it’s proven that a positive attitude can make you work out harder and longer.  A PT will be sure to boost your ego, helping you to reach your goals, building your confidence and fitness levels at the same time.  You’ll certainly need and appreciate that when your fitness levels are being pushed to the max
  • You are what you eat – a good, healthy diet is paramount to achieving your fitness goals.  Advice on this will ensure you achieve the most from your training.

Simply Gym Swansea is committed to the use of Your PT who are a personal training company qualified to the Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3 and 4 which is a required national standard for Personal Trainers in the UK.

Clients can expect a complete Personal Training service which will extend beyond your actual Personal Training Sessions.

Our trainers will provide:

  • Safe, effective and progressive exercise prescription and coaching
  • Nutritional guidance and planning
  • Motivational, innovative and fun exercise sessions
  • Lifestyle goal setting and support
  • Ongoing email, telephone and face-face support
  • Regular Assessments and Education ensuring you are constantly achieving your results

To find out more, just call Simply Gym Gorseinon on 01792 224900, Simply Gym Llansamlet on 01792 704220 or pop in to either site where our dedicated team will be only too happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, take a look at or email

Personal Training

Personal Training

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