Practical Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy This Xmas

Practical tips to stay fit and healthy this Xmas

We’ve seen the Coca Cola truck and the odd Christmas light do the rounds on Instagram this week, so it must mean one thing; holidays are coming! While the holidays are all about turkey, stuffing and stuffing your face, we at Simply Gym are helping our members stay trim over the festive season. So, here are our top tips to stay fit and healthy in the run-up to Christmas!

Stay hydrated (and not with Baileys!)

From darting around the shops to find a last-minute present for your work Secret Santa, to fitting in a visit with that aunt who you’ve never been quite sure likes you or not, the fast-paced nature of the Xmas to-do list can take its toll on us. This is why it is always important to stay hydrated. Our tip would be to always keep a sizeable bottle of water on you, taking sips throughout the day to up your fluid intake. As well as being effective to balance out heavy alcohol intakes, the water can also be used to throw at unwanted Carol Singers; it’s really your call.

Snacking and present wrapping

Whether a wrapping pro, or are more of a ‘paper-bit-of-Sellotape-that-will-do’ type, you will no doubt have a backlog of presents you need to sort before Christmas Day. Here is where the Quality Street tin tends to rear its head. While the odd chocolate in December won’t hurt, two tins, three Eggnogs and a Christmas Pudding will. If you are worried about going overboard with food, ensure you have some healthy alternatives at hand. From dried fruit and nuts to oranges, there will be plenty of healthy bits and bobs to eat; and, if you really are starving, you can always nick half of Rudolf’s carrot; I see my Mum do it every year!

Look your best for Santa with these 5 workouts

Everyone wants to look their best on Christmas Day, swerving those dodgy photos that will do the rounds on Facebook for the rest of your life. Below are just a few staple workouts you can carry out at home over the festive period:

Jump squats




Abs bridge

Understanding that it can be hard to fit it exercise over Christmas, you can do these in the comfort of your front room with a bit of Bublé on in the background; whatever floats your boat!

Also, keep an eye on our Facebook page for videos of holiday exercise ideas.

Sleigh it at your Christmas party

Work Christmas parties are renowned for both their fun and high levels of cringe. Whatever the outcome, you will want to look your best and to do that you will need to put in the hours at the gym. Open all the way up until Christmas, we are running a variety of classes and programs throughout December; so there really is no excuse.

Having been working on an extensive 12-week plan with Santa, we are proud to say that he is doing the chimneys in record times; a Case Study we will be sure to share with you very soon.

Looking to shape up before Christmas? Contact us at Simply Gym and speak with one of our team members!

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