Put on weight since university?

Question: “I have put on a weight since I started university thanks to my student diet of pasta bakes and alcohol. I don’t want to become a calorie counter but how can I get fast weight loss results?”

Answer: A lot of students gain weight and you are right – it is largely due to extra sugar from alcohol, too many carbs and not enough exercise. But there are lots of positive things you can do to turn things around and learning good habits now will set you up for life.

The basic rule is to move more and to eat better. Boosting your protein intake is a great way to make you feel fuller, to give your body useful fuel and to stop sugar cravings. So eat more eggs, more lean meat and fish. Try to have protein at every meal, fill up on leafy veg, and include some good fats in your diet. And always reach for water instead of fizzy drinks when you are thirsty.

Team sports are a great way of staying engaged with exercise because you are having fun while you are doing them. There will be sport, games or dance clubs at the uni you can join.

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