Shape up Group Success Stories

Members get great results through online training groups!

Throughout the various lockdowns we have all dealt with we have been running online training and support groups through our facebook page.

A Shape Up group is dedicated to burning fat and getting into shape, a Strength and Conditioning group focused on toning up, and our Be Active Everyday group where we stay active and have some fun while we are stuck at home. Most recently we have added a new Simply Run running group with a real cardio focus to the mix!

The groups are led by personal trainers that are experts in their field and our own team but it’s the members that make the difference and together over 1000 members have stayed active, supported each other and had a fair bit of fun and we have seen some amazing results. Have a look at all the amazing testimonials below and see what can be achieved!

Our groups grow everyday and we welcome all members so head over to our facebook page and join in with everybody and get some of those results for yourself! Click here for our facebook groups

To find out more about our Personal Trainers, check out their profiles here

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