Why you should still go to the gym this summer

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Have you stopped going to the gym now that it is summer?

It’s hot outside, the suns out, so why would you want to be stuck inside exercising in the gym?

Well, according to the fitness superstars at Simply Gym Cwmbran it is very important not to skip the gym this summer, even if the sun is shining! Here are five reasons why you should make workouts a vital part of your summer routine…

It’s Important to Build Muscle

“When the sun is out people will often take to outdoor activities such as football, swimming or tennis. Whilst it is great that you are still exercising, these outdoor activities don’t provide the same benefits of strength training in the gym. Building and toning muscle brings benefits such as improving balance, burning fat and bone loss. It can even help you in daily tasks such as carrying the shopping. With this in mind it is vital that you fit visits to the gym into your summer routine.”

Guilt Free Indulgence

“The problem is, some people stop exercising altogether! We believe in maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle throughout the year but the problem with the summer is that it is too tempting to sit out in the sun enjoying an ice cream or a cold pint. Indulging during the summer seems like a great idea until you undo all of the hard work you have done at the gym in the months before. If you keep going to the gym throughout the summer you can still enjoy summer treats, but you will be able to enjoy them more and feel less guilty if you are hitting the gym in between.”

Feel Great

“Working out is good for your brain, that’s a fact. If you hit the gym you will be sharper and operating more efficiently both at home and in work. Exercising is also said to be stress-busting, so continuing to hit the gym is a no-brainer.”

Look Great

“In the build up to the summer many people were looking to get in shape for their summer holidays. If your holiday is still to come you need to keep up the good work so that you are in top shape for everything that the summer throws at you.”

A Relaxed Gym Environment

“There’s no getting away from the fact that gyms are often quieter in the summer, but you should use that to your advantage. There will be less waiting to use the equipment (though this is never a problem at Simply Gym!), more space and the gyms will be nice and cool with that air-con turned up high!”

In summary, hitting the gym this summer will do wonders for your physical and mental health, it really is too important to miss.

To encourage people to keep visiting the gym throughout the summer Simply Gym are offering two weeks of gym access for £9.99 with their Summer Pass.

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