Sugary Fitness Drinks

Question: “After a gym session I re-hydrate with a fitness drink which has quite a bit of sugar in it. But now all the research is saying sugar is the enemy. What should I be drinking?”

Answer: It is a bitter pill to swallow since we are all so accustomed to the sugar which laces our daily diets, but sugar serves very little useful purpose in our diets and it does us harm.

There is an array of isotonic and refuelling drinks available for exercisers, but there is no substitute for plain water when it comes to rehydrating quickly and effectively. If you are looking for the best and most readily available recovery drink after a workout then drink a pint of milk. Milk contains everything you need to recover from exercise, protein, carbohydrates, electrolytes and many other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Sugary food and drinks tend to be high in calories but sugar contains no essential nutrients, and it won’t fill you up. So our instinct is to eat and drink more in order to get to the point where we feel satisfied and that leads to over indulging.

Research shows that sugar suppresses the immune system, raises insulin levels, wreaks havoc on waistlines, skin and hair, and teeth. If you are health and fitness-minded, think about reducing your sugar intake.

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