Summer Bodies Are Made in Winter: How to Kickstart Your Training

With the cold, winter nights drawing in and adverts for Christmas (yes Christmas!) popping up on the tele, it can be easy to sack off the gym in exchange for a night of naughty carbs and treats.

While the idea of a cosy night in as the rain taps the window is the dream, it is important that as the winter encroaches, you don’t neglect that dream body or your fitness goals! This is why at Simply Gym, we stick to the mantra ‘summer bodies are made in winter’!

Today, we give our blog readers some pro tips on how to kickstart their winter training, all the while keeping their summer bod goals in sight.

Start With Exercises That You Like

While banter in the gym often surrounds people skipping leg day, the truth is, many of us tend to do the exercises we enjoy. Though they may not be the right workouts to get us to our exact goals, any exercise is better than no exercise at all. So, if easing yourself back into training after some rest, start with exercises you enjoy.

Recruit the Help of a Personal Trainer

When getting back into your training, motivation can be hard to conjure up. Well, luckily for Simply Gym members, they have access to our incredible Personal Trainers; individuals whose job it is to motivate you and get your butt moving. Creating bespoke plans in line with your objectives, a Personal Trainer can be the difference between a good and a great workout.

Join in With Classes

Classes can be a great way to get that much-needed energy to workout. Being spurred on by a room of others in the same boat, with classes, there is no escaping the hard work. If you struggle to motivate yourself on machines at the gym, classes can ensure you are using your time at the gym well. Take a look at our class timetable and see if any on this week’s schedule tickle your fancy!

Get a Sidekick

Here at Simply Gym, we just love seeing gym buddy friendships; duos that hype each other up and help each other train. Buddying up is something we always encourage. Whether it be a friend, workmate or someone you have met at the gym, having a sidekick can do wonders for your motivation levels. Plus, training with a buddy makes the time go quicker!

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