Ten Tips for Finding the Energy to Workout

As we all know, when it comes to exercise, finding the motivation to get to the gym is the hardest part. From ‘I don’t want to sit in traffic’ to ‘the dog ate my homework’, we really will try and say anything to get out of working out. However, once we set foot in the gym (after sitting in the car for half an hour to psych ourselves up) we are fine.

So, here at Simply Gym we thought we would share a few tips with you; ones that will boost workout motivation!

Appoint a workout buddy

As mentioned in previous blogs, there are many benefits to having a workout buddy. But, one of the biggest advantages is to have someone on your back, keeping you on track when you are feeling like a duvet day. Whether it be through the odd abusive message telling you to ‘get your a** into gear’ or a gentle reminder of an exercise class you are booked on; sharing the burden with someone else just helps.

Define your goal

Where we all have our own reasons for going to the gym, many of us do not have a real end-goal, being vague when it comes to fitness aspirations. Therefore, you need some sort of measurable goal in place, something more than ‘being healthier’. Whether it be ‘have arms like that boy from TOWIE’ or ‘drop a dress size’, having one in place will give you the motivation to get up and work towards it.

Put real rewards in place

Getting fit is not achievable instantly, with all of us having to have patience when it comes to getting where we want to be. This is why rewards help. Where we at Simply Gym went a little crazy on the Easter Eggs this month, little treats after big workouts help you stay sane. Below are a few we find keep us on track:

  • A day off the gym
  • Our favourite meal
  • Naughty snacks
  • New gym gear

Put your gym clothes out

Nothing can guilt-trip you into going to the gym more than seeing your workout gear laid out in front of you. It’s basically the gym equivalent of puppy dog eyes!

Being the first thing you see when you wake up, having your clothes visible will encourage you to get up and get the job done!


Many research projects have proven just how effective music can be when it comes to exercising, giving you a feel-good energy to hit the gym machines (unless you are listening to Coldplay that is). So, ensure you enter the gym fully equipped with your playlist!

Get on the Instagram gym hype

If, like us, you have become slightly obsessed with Instagram over the last few years, then why not make this part of your routine? Here at Simply Gym we are seeing more and more of our members share their progress on dedicated Instagram channels, sharing their workouts, diet plans and general fitness updates.

Not feeling it? Well, everyone loves a sweaty-face selfie!

Ask yourself: “Will I regret skipping this workout?”

Although lying in bed as snug as a bug in a rug is great, when the gym-skip guilt settles in, our Zen is well and truly diminished. So, before you decide to grab a lazy day ask yourself “Will I regret skipping this workout?”. If the answer is yes, then you should probably get up.

Making working out a social event

Motivation is very much about frame of mind. If you view exercise as a chore, it is unlikely that you will enjoy the burn! For us, blending exercise with socialising works well. From meeting up with an old friend to do a class with to having a chinwag during a light jog, there are many ways you can incorporate friends into the mix. Finding happy members to be more active members, we are proud to have built a great community here at Simply Gym; a place where people can also make friends through a shared love of getting fit.

Consider the prospect of nudity

This time of year, most us have that ultimate summer body in mind. With many of us still carrying a little bit of extra timber after the festive season, now really is the time to turn things around when it comes to toning for summer. So, by keeping the prospect of partial beach nudity in mind, you may find yourself hitting the gym more often than you thought.

Sign up to a gym that motivates you!

The gym you choose to sign up to will have a huge bearing on whether you want to go there or not (obviously). This is why we go to great lengths to make exercise fun, engaging and rewarding. From our amazing team of Personal Trainers and top-of-the-range equipment to our daily classes, we don’t mean to blow our own trumpet but (toot toot!), we are pretty great.

For more details on our classes and various membership packages, contact us today.

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