Top Cardio Workouts

Cardio is a style of workout that most of us dread. However, no form of workout boasts so many benefits.

From shredding fat and gaining muscle to encouraging a healthy heart, there is simply no way we can swerve cardiovascular workouts. This is why today, we share our favourite cardio workouts; ones that could potentially change your mind about the C word.


Spending some time on a rowing machine has a whole bunch of advantages, offering both an upper and lower body workout simultaneously. What’s more is that rowers allow you to set your own pace, rowing at a speed and level of power that you feel comfortable with. Plus, you don’t have to wear those rather unflattering hats or goggles that rowing on actual water requires!

Jump Squats

Want to feel the burn and get your sweat on all at the same time? If so, you should definitely introduce Jump Squats into your exercise regime. By putting a quick jump in the middle of each squat you both burn calories quicker AND improve overall body strength  #winning.


Though burpees are hard work, they are awfully effective. Able to get the heart up quickly, they are explosive in many ways. So, if you are looking for body conditioning workouts and want to improve your overall fitness and endurance levels, get burpee-ing.


Now we move on to good old-fashioned running. Connected to weight loss, bone strength and keeping various diseases at bay, running is always a good idea. Sprinting is an enhanced version of your average jog, achieved in sharp, short periods.

Plus, what’s so great about sprints is that they are over quickly!

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