Our Top Hacks For A Post-Holiday Detox

Though the saying goes “summer bodies are made in the winter”, it can be hard to motivate ourselves during the lag time of autumn, getting our bodies back into shape after the hell we put them through on holiday this year. From pool-side pizza to that extra Margarita we really didn’t need, it is important to remember that it can all be undone! Here’s how…

Look Through The Pictures 

If you are serious about getting in shape or losing weight, you will no doubt capture your progress through pictures leading up to the holiday. However, it is essential that you remind yourself about where you were and keep on snapping, gaining a clear picture of where your body is at and what you need to place as your fitness focus.

Shredding After Sun-Bedding 

Maintaining a healthy mind and body during the summer is hard but achievable, with summer salads and knowing that you have to squeeze into that outfit on the weekend often acting as a fat food rebellion.

With colder months making us crave warm, carb-heavy, homely foods, it is advisable to stock the fridge up when you are in that healthy mind-set, not being drawn to the takeaway menu drawer!

If you are struggling to stay on the health wagon, then why not create a food diary? There are many applications available on iOS and Android devices to help you with this, allowing you to keep an eye on your calorie intake in real-time. We can also help you with a nutrition plan too!

Make Sure You Get To The Gym

After a long day of work, the idea of going out for a run or hitting the weights section of the gym can feel rather daunting. However, it’s vital that you make that extra effort to get to the gym.

If it has been a while, you could ease yourself back into it at home through exercises such as Crunches, Lunges, Push Ups, Planks and Dips.

Try A New Class 

Getting back on the fitness saddle can be hard after a summer break, with your mind and body not ready to jump back into your usual, hardcore routine. At Simply Gym, we have found that classes are a great way to undo the summer holiday cheat fest. Joining a community of people in the same boat, getting involved in a class is both fun and proven to ensure you get the most out of your work out.

Whatever your focus for the coming months, be sure that the Simply Gym team are here to help. From personal training and workout planning to nutritional advice and some of the best classes in the country, why not come and wallow in self-pity with us?   

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