Top Tips For Making The Most Of Your Time In The Gym

While the majority of us try not to clock watch at the gym, sometimes your workout can feel like an eternity. Here at Simply Gym, it is our mission to encourage members to enjoy exercise, making the most of their time in the gym. So, if you are finding it hard to maintain the gym buzz, take some gym-spiration from the below tips from our fitness superheroes;

Recruit a gym buddy    

Though you may think of visiting the gym as a bit of ‘me time’, it can be rather counterproductive if all you do is fire up the playlist and simply exist. This is why we advise working out with a friend, with buddying up renowned for its advantages. From ensuring you keep focused to bring out your competitive spirit, recruiting a buddy can do wonders for your enthusiasm levels.  

Variety is the spice of life!   

If you are struggling to keep up the momentum, why not try spicing things up a bit? By tweaking your workout regime, you can breathe new life into your exercise plan. For instance, if your plan is very cardio-heavy, mix things up with a few weight-training sessions, ensuring your time in the gym is both enjoyable and beneficial.  

Give it time    

One of the biggest bugbears for gym-goers is that they do not see results instantly, getting pretty frustrated when a Gladiator-type figure does not look back at them in the mirror. However, it is important to give these things time, not weighing and measuring every day! 

Get personal   

Here at Simply Gym, we offer an excellent one-to-one service, with our personal trainers at hand to help devise personal plans when you begin. Kicking your butt into shape, our personal trainers get to know you, your goals and go from there, creating plans that make for exciting, yet challenging workouts. Making sure that every second in the gym counts, roping in the help of a personal trainer is one of the best ways to stay on-plan. 

Attend classes  

Finding it hard to stay focused at the gym? There is a solution, and it’s easy peasy! By swapping gym sessions for classes, you will have no choice but to stay focused, with instructors there to keep you on the right path; utilising every second of your time at the gym.  

If you would like to learn more about how our personal trainers and classes can help you, contact us at Simply Gym today. 

With Gym Wars and Buddy week around the corner, you’ll soon be able to bring friends along with you to spice things up further.

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