Top ways to stay cool in the gym this summer

While the saying goes that ‘summer bodies are built in winter’, it is important that you maintain the hype throughout the summer months, getting in the gym between those days out on the beach and impromptu Kopperberg get-togethers. However, the idea of hitting the treadmill in the blistering heat can be as attractive as a drunk man cutting his toenails. This is why we at Simply Gym have put together a few hacks for you to stay cool as a cucumber in sunglasses when exercising this summer.

Sweat better

Though being a sweaty Betty isn’t the best look to sport in the gym, sweating in itself is a cooling mechanism, developed during heat exposure. So, in order to stay cool in the gym, you must sweat your dumbbells off. Ensuring your body is used to training in the heat, it is advisable to get your jacket on for a good 15 minutes before training.

Lose less salt

As you get fitter, you will quickly see that you begin to sweat more, with your body losing fewer precious electrolytes in your sweat. Your body actually learns to hold onto the salts that you require for muscle contractions! How cool is that?

For this reason, we advise that you limit sodium intake during your gym visit, so, not too many sports drinks!

How to keep your body cool

Now that boring science bit is over (Phew!), we move on to the hacks that will cool you right down when working out. While some may be a little unconventional, just remember that Simply Gym is certainly not a catwalk!

  • Damp water on your head
    Immediately cooling you down, dabbing a bit of water on your head can also override the overheating message your body is sending to your brain. The colder the water, the better!
  • Wear clothes that breathe
    If you have been to our gym, you will see that people really embrace their individuality, wearing what they need to feel fabulous when hitting the machines and free-weights section. We suggest looking for clothing with synthetic fabrics specifically designed for exercise, such as polyesters, micro-fibres, and ultra-thin wool.
  • Drink
    While you may have a nice Pina Colada in mind, the best way to maintain blood volume that is necessary for body cooling is to drink water. Whether you want to add a splash of squash or go wild and bring some soda water, be sure that we at Simply Gym welcome all types of mavericks!
  • Use ice
    Although a trick that we used to use to irritate our younger siblings and classmates we fancied in school, popping a cube or two of ice down your back can be a great way to instantly cool yourself down, giving you the want to push on and break through the hot flush!

If you are in need of any support in building your summer workout, why not contact us today and speak with one of our amazing trainers?

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