Which exercise class should I take?

Which exercise class should I take to achieve a long, lean look?

Pilates is ideal for lengthening the muscle and you’d be surprised how effective daily stretching is too, for improving the posture, flexibility and mobility.

Pilates has been around for a long time now and perhaps it doesn’t have the ‘thrill of the new’ for some people. But as an exercise routine it really punches above its weight.

It tones, strengthens, elongates and trains the body to realign itself if you have underlying or ingrained posture issues.

Once you become familiar with its key moves you can do many of them at home between sessions and you will notice how quickly they have an impact on your body shape and conditioning.

We run Pilates classes at Simply Gym in our great state of the art WellBeats fitness studio were you can come to a prescheduled class or even book a class on demand… it really is that simple. 

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