Wine and Weightloss

How bad are a few glasses of wine a week for my weight loss plans?

Alcohol delivers nothing in terms of nutritional value, it is calorific and, as we all know, one can easily lead to two and three. So drinking can easily unpick your good intentions.

Not only does alcohol contain lots of calories but it also inhibits your body’s ability to burn fat by up to 20 percent when it’s consumed regularly.

Beer and wine are particularly high in calories so you should try switching to clear spirits instead.

Of course this doesn’t mean you should drink large amounts of spirits, but consuming moderate levels of vodka or gin and slim line tonic rather than your usual pint of lager or glass of wine should help with your weight loss plans.

Remember to drink in moderation, never train when under the influence of alcohol and drink lots of water when you consume alcohol to stay hydrated.

Think carefully about why you reach for a glass – is it a stress reliever for you, or an ice-breaker in social situations? Or is it just a habit that has become ingrained? That might help you come up with ways of changing your mindset so you can drop alcohol or cut the amount you drink. 

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